From 13 to 15 November 2015

Body and soul Gallery, specialist of the new figuration with artists like Bhusal, Hank China, Julien Raynaud, Fernando Davilla, Panda, Virginie Fongaro will present my bulls and gorillas in resin painted by Hank China and Julien Raynaud. Thanks Wolf for your confidence renewed…

 Art’ axis, a new partnership is set up from Art3G Bordeaux with Axel to present my ceramics in the Fauve artist. Two worlds that go well together…

and the Gallery Joel Guyot of St Paul de Vence always looking for new artists and new releases will present my latest resin Crystal, Margot! In the middle of many artists known and recognized internationally…  Thank you to Joel for his enthusiasm and his respect for artists!

Voila in intelligent example of collaboration between artists and galleries for the living room
ART3F of Mulhouse. Thanks to all three to agree to introduce myself at the same time, albeit with completely different media, but all the same, this deserves to be highlighted…

Displays Bob

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